Pricing Guide

For a mere 5€ per month – or 0€ per month if you’re an early adopter - DAESK offers loads of analytical tools and features so users can maximise their potential.

Free Forever
For early adopters
If you’re ahead of the curve, and are one of first users of DAESK you’ll be invited to a personal on boarding session with the creators of the app, after which you’ll get a free lifetime membership. It’s the best price we can offer.
5 €
per user / month
Once the early-adopter window has closed, users will be charged a modest subscription fee of 5€ per month to use DAESK. It’s a commitment free arrangement, and users can opt-out at any point.
Coming Soon

What we offer

  • A range of Visual Insights, so you can keep track of your day as easy as pie.
  • Various simple Visual Analytical Tools to help you understand your day better.
  • Helpful Reminders to help you get the most from DAESK.
  • DAESK offers the most sophisticated Time Tracking tool on the market.
  • DAESK makes structuring Micro Goals into your diary simple.
  • You can forget about messing around with Invoices again. DAESK does them for you.
  • Using the DAESK Live-View function, everyone in your team can see what everyone else is up to.